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Zebra Spider

Zebra spider (Salticus scenicus)

Size: Female 5-7mmMale 5-6mm

Found on a plant bordering the main entrance pathway.
Also known as jumping spiders. They have 4 pairs of eyes, the 2 large black ones in the front being the most distinctive and prominent.
They pounce and capture their prey – insects. Before jumping, however, they glue a silk thread to the surface they are jumping from, so that if they miss the prey they can climb back up the thread.
They are particularly noted for noticing humans, when they raise their heads in recognition.


Harvestmen   Harvestmen are an order of Arachnids but are not Spiders. They are known as Opiliones. They only have two eyes, a one-piece body, and have no venom or silk glands.

Common Harvestman

Common Harvestman (Phalangium opilio)

This is the most widespread species of Harvestman in the world.
Its habitat is meadows, bogs, forests, fields, gardens, hedgerows and walls.
It is mainly carnivorous and can catch small insects with its long legs.
The males have large fangs and fight other males over the females. After mating the male must scurry off or the female will not hesitate to eat it. They lay 50 to several hundred eggs in soft soil or moist places.
Found in North Scrubs.

Harvestman (female)

Harvestman (Leiobunum rotundum)

Active Mid-summer to autumn
Where on marsh North Scrubs especially
This is also one of the most common of harvestmen, and like the Phalangium opilio, feeds on invertebrates, dead or alive. These include caterpillars, mites, woodlice and slugs. Harvestmen also drink a lot of water, esp. dew.
Eggs are laid in crevices in the soil, and hatch out in the spring.
Harvestman (male)

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