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Plant Surveys

The Marsh, is a complex mix of habitat that support many different plant types. Some are very rare - see information about rare plants - but other plant types are scattered around the Marsh, many visible only for part of the year. The Friends of Stanpit Marsh have helped with surveys of plants on the Marsh. Below are some tables or lists of plants found on some of these searches. We are working toward collation & a more cohesive presentation of the information to add to our picture gallery of Plant Descriptions.

Some FOSM members decided to study the Stanpit Marsh Nature Reserve's flora and try to record as many plants as possible and the areas they're growing on. This was begun some years ago and the results have given us a running start.
Would you like to be involved? As you walk round the Marsh, note the plants around you and the place where you saw them; you don't need to know their botanical names; take a picture if you can; and send them to us to add to our data base.


Latin Name Common Name Marsh site (see key) Years Recorded
Achillea Millofolium Yarrow GMPM 1987
Aegopodium podagraria Ground Elder NS 1994
Alisma plantago aquatica Common Water Plantain PM 1987.1991
Althaea officinalis Marsh Mallow CH.NS. SS. 1987.1991
Anagalis arvensis Scarlet Pimpernel WM 1994
Anthriscus sylvestris Cow Parsley EMB.NS 1987
Aphanes arvensis Parsley Piert CH.GM 1987
Apium graveolens Wild Celery CM. GM. Sp.Pnt.SM 1991.1994
Apium nodiflorum Fool's Watercress CM.NM.PM 1987
Armeria maritima Thrift EM.SM 1987.1991
Artemisia vulgaris Mugwort NS 1987
Arum tripolium Lords & Ladies PM 1987
Aster tripolium Sea Aster CM.Bpt.GM.NM.SM 1991
Atriplex portulacoides Sea Purslane ? 1991
Atriplex prostrata Spear-leaved Orache CM.Bpt.NM.PM 1991
Ballota nigra Black Horehound PM 1987.2007
Bellis perennis Daisy CM.EMB.GM.NM.PM 1987
Beta vulgaris Sea Beet Bpt.EM.NM.Spt. 1987
Bidens cernua Nodding Bur Marigold PM.WMB 1987.1994.2007
Buddleija davidii Buddliah WM 1994
Butomus umbellatus Flowering Rush CM.WMB.PM 1987.1993.1994.1996.2007
Callitriche obtusangula Water Starwort sp ? NS 1987
Callitriche stagnals agg Common Water Starwort CM 1987
Caltha palustris Marsh Marigold CM.PM.WMB. 1991
Calystegia sepium Hedge Bindweed NS.PM 1994
Calystegia sepium Large Bindweed ? WMB 1994
Capsella bursa-pastoris Shepherds Purse CH.PM 1987
Cardamine pratensis Lady's Smock CM.PM.WM 1987
Centarium pulchellum Lesser Centaury CM.EM.SM 1987.1994
Cerastium semidecandrum Little Mouse-ear ? GB 1991
Ceratophyllum submersum Soft Hornwort CM 1987
Chenopodium album Fat Hen PM.SM 1987
Cirsium arvense Creeping Thistle CH.GM.NM.PM.SS. 1987.1994
Cirsium Vulgare Spear Thistle GM 1987
Cochlearia anglica English Scurvy Grass CM.EM.GM 1987
Cochlearia officinalis Common Scurvy Grass CM.SM ? 1991
Conium maculatum Hemlock PM 1987
Convolvulus arvensis Field Bindweed CM.EM 1987
Cranesbill Geranium molle Dovesfoot GB.GM.NM.PM 1987
Dactylis glomerata Cocksfoot EMB.PM 1987
Dipsaeus fullonum Teasel GM.NM.PM 1991.1994.2007
Dryopoteros dilatata Broad Buckler Fern NS 1987
Epilobium hirsutum Great Willow Herb NS.WMB 1987
Filago sp Cudweed NS 1994
Filipendula ulmaria Meadow Sweet PM 1987
Foeniculum vulgare Fennel NS 1987
Galinsoga parviflora Gallant Soldier
Galium aparine Common Cleavers CM.GM.PM 1987
Galium mollugo Hedge Bedstraw PM 1987
Galium palustre Marsh Bedstraw CM.PM 1987
Glaux maritima Sea Milkwort CM.EM.GM.NM.SM 1991
Glechoma hederacea Ground Ivy NS.PM 1987
Hedera helix Ivy NS.PM 1987.2007
Heracleum mantegazzianum Giant Hogweed Spt 1987
Hippocrepis comosa Horseshoe Vetch ? GM 1987
Hippuris vulgaris Marestail CM.PM 1991.1994.1996
Honkenya peploides Sea Sandwort GB 1987
Humulus lupulus Hop NS 1987
Hyancinthoides hispanica Bluebell - Spanish NS  
Hyancinthoides non-scripta Bluebell NS  
Hydrocotyle vulgaris Marsh Pennywort NS 1994
Hypochaeris radicata Common Catsear CM 1987
Impatiens capensis Orange Balsam PM.WMB 1991.2007
Impatiens glandulifera Himalayan Balsam PM 1987.1991
Impatiens glandulifera Indian Balsam CM. NS 1994
Iris pseudacorus Yellow Flag Iris CM.NM.NS.PM.WMB 1991
Lamium album White Dead Nettle EMB 1987.1991.2007
Lamium purpureum Red Dead Nettle EMB.NS.PM 1987
Lemna minor Common Duckweed PM 1994
Leontondon autumnalis Autumn Hawkbit CM 1987
Limonium vulgare Common Sea Lavender EM. NM 1987.1991
Limosella Aquatica Mudwort PM 1987
Lonicera periclymenum Honeysuckle CH.NS 1987
Lotus corniculatus Bird'sfoot Trefoil SM 1987
Lotus corniculatus Common Bird'sfoot Trefoil NS 1987.1991
Lotus uliginosus Greater Bird'sfoot Trefoil NS 1994
Lotuus subbiflorus Hairy Bird'sfoot Trefoil NS 1987
Lupinus arbareus Tree Lupin Spt 1987
Lychnis flos-cuculi Ragged Robin CM.PM.WMB 1991.1994
Lycopus europaeus Gipsywort CM.PM.SS 1987.2007
Lysimachia nummularis Creeping Jenny NS 1994
Lythrum salicaria Purple Loosestrife WMB 1991.1994
Malva moschata Musk Mallow NS. 1991
Malva sylvestris Common Mallow NS.PM 1991
Matricaria matricarioides Pineapple Weed PM 1987
Medicago lupulina Black Medick CH.Spt 1991
Mentha aquatica Water Mint CM.GM.PM.WMB 1987.1991
Mentha spicata Spear Mint WMB 1994
Mimulus guttatus Monkey Flower PM 1991
Moenchia erecta Upright Chickweed GB.SM 1987. 1996
Montia fontana Blinks CM.EM 1987
Myosotis laxa Tufted Forget-me-not PM 1987
Myosotis scorpioides Water Fotget-me-not CM.NS.PM.WMB 1991.1994
Myriophyllum spicatum Spiked Water Milfoil CM 1987
Mysotis discolor Changing Forget-me-not CH 1991
Naturium officinale Watercress PM 1987.1994
Nymphoides peltata Fringed Water Lily PM 1987
Odontites vernus Red Bartsia WM 1991
Oenanthe crocata Hemlock Water Dropwort CH.CM.GM.NM.PM.Spt.  
Oenanthe fistulosa Tubular Water Dropwort CM.PM 1987
Oenanthe lachanelii Parsley Water Dropwort CM.PM 1987
Oenanthe pimpinelloides Corky-fruited Water Dropwort CM.GM.NM.PM.SS 1994?.1996
Oenanthe silaifolia Narrow-leaved Dropwort PM 1986.87
Ornithopus perpusillus Bird'sfoot CH 1987
Papaver rhoeas Common Poppy NS 1987.1991
Pearlwort Sagina procumbens Procumbent CM 1987
Persicaria maculosa Redshank CH 1991
Plantago coronopus Buck'shorn Plantain CH.GM.NS.SM 1987
Plantago lanceclata Ribwort Plantain GM.NS.PM.SS 1987
Plantago major Greater Plantain CM.GM.NM.NS.PM.SM 1987
Plantago maritima Common Milkwort CM.EM.GM.NM.PM.SM 1987
Polygonum aviculare Knotgrass PM.WM 1987.1991
Polygonum bistort Bistort SM 1987
Polygonum persicaria Redshank PM 1987
Potamogeton crispus Curled Pondweed CM 1987
Potentilla anserina Silver Weed CH.CM.GB.NM.NS.PM 1987.1991
Pulicaria dysenterica Common Fleabane CM.NS 1991.1994.2007
Ranunculuc acris Meadow Buttercup CM.PM 1987
Ranunculus baudotii Brackish Water Crowfoot CM.GB.PM 1991.1994
Ranunculus ficaria Lesser Celandine CM.NS.PM 1987
Ranunculus hederaceus Ivy-leaved Crowfoot CM 1987
Ranunculus repens Creeping Buttercup CM.GB.NM.PM 1987
Ranunculus sceleratus Celery-leaved Buttercup CM.GM.NM.PM.WM 1991.2007
Reynoutria japonica Japanese Knotweed WMB 1994
Rhinanthus minor Yellow Rattle CM 1994
Rorippa palustris Marsh Yellowcress PM 1987
Rose canina Dog Rose NS 1991
Rubus fruticosos Bramble CH. NS 1987.2007
Rubus laciniatus Cut-leaved Bramble NS 1991.1994.1996
Rumex acetosella Sheep's Sorrel CH.NS.PM 1991
Rumex conglomeratus Clustered Dock CM.PM 1987
Rumex crispus Curled Dock CM.PM 1987
Rumex hydrolapathum Water Dock CM.PM 1987
Rumex obtusifolius Broad-leaved Dock PM.SS 1987
Ruppia maritima Beaked Tassleweed CM 1987
Sagina maritima Sea Pearlwort CM 1991
Salicornia europaea Glasswort EM. NM. SM 1987.1991
Samolus valerandi Brookweed WM 1991.1994
Sanchus arvensis Perennial Sow Thistle Spt 1987
Scrophularia nodosa Common Figwort NS 1994
Scutellaria galericulata Sculcap NS 1991
Sedum anglicum English Stonecrop CH 1994
Senecio aquaticus Marsh Ragwort CM.NM.PM.WM 1987.1991
Senecio jacobaea Common Ragwort CH.CM.GB.NS.PM.SS 1991
Silene alba White Campion PM 1987
Sisymbrium officinale Hedge Mustard PM 1987
Solanum dulcamara Bittersweet PM 1987
Solarum nigrum Black Nightshade NS 1994
Spergularia marina Lesser Sea Spurrey CM. NM 1987
Spergularia media Greater Sea Spurrey CM. NM 1987
Spergularia rubra Sand Spurrey CM. NM 1987.1991
Stachys ambigua Hybrid Woundwort EMB 1994?96
Stachys palustris Marsh Woundwort NS. PM 1991.1994
Stellara media Common Chickweed CH.NS.PM 1987
Stellaria graminea Lesser Stitchwort NS 1991
Stellaria holostea Greater Stitchwort NS.PM 1987.1991
Stellaria pulustris Marsh Stitchwort WM 1991
Symphtum officinale Common Comfrey PM 1987
Tanacetum vulgare Tansy Spt 1987
Taraxafum officinale Dandelion EB.GB.PM 1987
Thatlictrum flavum Common Meadow Rue NS. PM 1991.1994.1996
Toad Rush Group Junus ambiguus NM 1994
Trifolium fragiferum Strawberry Clover CM.NM.PM.SM 1987.1991.1994
Trifolium glomeratum Clustered Clover GB.NS 1987.1994.1996
Trifolium micranthum Slender Trefoil CH 1987
Trifolium ornithopodioides Bird'sfoot Clover CH 1991
Trifolium ornithopodioides Fenugreek ? ?
Trifolium pratense Red Clover CM.PM.Spt 1987
Trifolium repens White Clover CM.EM.GM.NM.PM.SM 1987
Trifolium subterraneum Subterranean Clover CH 1987.1991.1994
Trifolium suffocatum Suffocated Clover CH.GB 1991.1994
Typha latifolia Reed Mace WM 1991
Ulex europaeus Common Gorse
Urtica dioica Common Nettle CH.NS.PM.SS 1987
Valeriana officinalis Common Valerian PM 1987
Veronica anagallis-aquatica Blue Water Speedwell PM 1991
Veronica arrensis Wall Speedwell CH 1987
Veronica beccabunga Brooklime PM 1991
Veronica catenata Pink Water Speedwell NS 1994
Veronica lederifelia Ivy-leaved Speedwell GB 1987
Veronica persica Common Field Speedwell PM 1987
Veronica sativa ssp nigra Common Vetch PM 1987
Vicia cracca Tufted Vetch NS 1987
Zannichellia palustris Horned Pondweed PM 1994


SITE ABBREVIATIONS, used in survey data above

  Bpt Blackberry Point
  CM Central Marsh
  CH Crouch Hill
  EM East Marsh
  EMB East Marsh Bank
  GM Grimmery Marsh
  GB Grimmery Bank
  NM North Marsh
  NS North Scrubs
  PM Priory Marsh
  PKY MD RL Parky Mead Rail
  SM South Marsh
  SS Stanpit Scrubs
  Spt Spellers Point
  WMB West Marsh Bank


PlantSearch - Stanpit Marsh Nature Reserve
North Scrubs see map
(our survey moved from Visitor Centre to west)
Plants found:

Grasses (many) - need naming
Catchfly ? See photo
Elder tree
Holly tree (with bright yellow berries)
Fern - unidentified - see photo
Poplar tree
White flower - unidentified - see photo
Two plants - unidentified - see photo
Ground ivy
Water mint - see photo 45
Silver birch tree - see photo 48
Fungus on silver birch - unidentified - see photo 49
Ash tree? - unidentified - see photo
Mushroom - unidentified - see photo
Oak tree
Willow tree
Penny wort - see photo
Bramble (with ‘geranium’ like leaf)
Catchfly - unidentified - see photo
Plant - unidentified - see photo of leaf

PlantSearch Stanpit Marsh Nature Reserve
21 September 2008

North Scrubs see map
(our survey moved from the main path to west)
Plants found:

Plant under Silver Birch - unidentified - see photo
Rowan tree
Black horehound
Dog rose

Survey of North Scrubs completed
Result: 44 plants found excluding grasses

PlantSearch Stanpit Marsh Nature Reserve
28 September 2008
Stanpit Scrubs see map
(our survey moved from the main path to west)
Plants found:

Common mallow
Water mint
Stinging nettle
Plantain flat
Holm Oak (Quercus ilex)
Sea beet
Bugle weed
Thistle spp? see photo
Withy tree
Ivy (Hedera helix)
Sea holly
Common Oak
Ground ivy
Sea lavender
Black horehound

Survey of Stanpit Scrubs completed:
Result: 36 plants found (excluding grasses)

PlantSearch Stanpit Marsh Nature Reserve
12th October
Central Marsh see map
(our survey kept to the right of the main path to Mother Sillers channel [not on the very marshy area])
Plants found:
Dog rose
Sheep sorrel
Field mushroom
Hawk weed


If you would like a printable version of the map below, just Click on this Link.